The Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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Arthur Miller is a twentieth century play, write who wrote many classics. One of his classics was 1949 Death of a Salesman which appeared on Broadway that year. The year 1949 is a the death of an old decade and the birth of a new one. The 1950s, was a decade of unprecedented consumerism and technical advances in America. In the 1950’s many new innovations were made for the home such as the Tv was now affordable to most people and so tv programs grew as the audience grew as well. The washing machine was in more homes and thus women had more time for other pursuits. Miller was a man of the past and old fashion, we would say and he expressed his ambivalence towards modern technology and the modern thinking. In a way Willy Loman is Arthur Miller in a sense that Willy a flawed person who had a hard time moving forward and changing with the times he longs for the past. It is the move towards progress that replaces Willy’s job as a traveling salesman becomes outdated. The irony is that he uses those modern advances to commit suicide. Author Miller used time and space to create a non-traditional environment which is uncomfortable and brings the audience into the play 's reality. This allows for the audience to witness what is going on in Willy’s mental breakdown and take part in it. Author Miller liked to take risks and push the envelope and experiment with the narrative style. This is evident in his play The Crucible, which lengthy exposition pieces read like stage directions for…

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