The Death Of A Marathon Essay

799 Words Nov 11th, 2016 4 Pages
On April the 15th 2013 doing a marathon of Boston there are bombings exploding over 12 seconds apart before people can even get to the finish line. The explosion injured over 200 people throughout the Marathon bombing. Innocent babies children elderly in women and men was injured also some people have different motives on the reason why this bombing happen. The bombing took place during a race of a marathon that was going on that day. People was running to the finish line around 4 minutes before they even got to the Finish Line the bomb detonated. So for this to happen the terrorist time on how long it would take for a person to get to the Finish Line before the bomb will detonate. Not just one bomb went off but numerous of bombs went off doing that time of the marathon. The bomber plant out on how many Runners and how big the marathon would be before taking actions until his own hand. A guy was arrested for the money that still on trial at this moment. Runners continue to run across the finish line until 2:57 when the next bomb went off and wanted more people. People lost their legs buildings was destroyed and life was shattered. Police got that immediately after the bombing even though some police officers was already there at the marathon. The FBI agents also has done an investigation on some people period on April 18th police officers had surveillance videos of two suspects and they both was identified as change Chechen Brothers. Which they got into a shootout with the…

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