The Death Of A Leader Of An Intelligent Man By Ferdinand Marcos

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In the late 1900s, Philippines has been facing a crisis in their government when democracy is challenged by dictatorship under the rule of an intelligent man, Ferdinand Marcos. According to Britannica, Marcos was put on trial for the murder of his father’s political rival in 1933 and was jailed in 1939, but was able to get an acquittal a year later on his own accord. He later became a lawyer and in World War II was a Philippine officer in the armed forces; however, he had claimed to be the leader of a guerilla resistant force, which helped him gain favor during election, but this was later claimed to be false. In 1965, Marcos defeated the Liberal president Diosdado Macapagal in the elections as the Nationalist president. While his first term was proving to be successful, it was during his second term that the government had started to change from democracy to an authoritative government when Ferdinand Marcos placed martial law over the country in September 21, 1972. Not only was Marcos gaining power from the martial law as well as a luxurious life, his wife Imelda took great benefit from the situation while their family and close friends filled up many government positions. The gap between rich and poor became larger, rebellions grew in numbers, and the currency of the Philippines dropped. After the assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr. and his cheating in the third election against Corazon Aquino, a revolution occurred. The EDSA Revolution in 1986 ousted Marcos from his…

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