The Death Of A Jail Sentences Essays

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Subsequent offenses often result in jail sentences of several months to a year. For a DUI or DWI that 's been classified as a felony -- either because the driver killed or injured someone or because it 's the driver 's third or fourth DUI -- jail sentences of several years are not uncommon. Again, this depends on state law, the facts of the case, and the discretion of the judge at trial. Fines, in addition to jail sentences, courts can and do impose high fines for DUI or DWI. These range from $500 to as much as $2,000. Driver licenseś problems, a DUI or DWI offender stands a good chance of having his or her license suspended for a substantial period of time (either by court order or mandate of the state motor vehicles department). For example, many states suspend a first offender 's license for 90 days; a second offender 's license for one year; and a third offender 's license for three years. Refusal to take a blood, breath, or urine test can result in a license suspension regardless of the finding of guilt, in addition to other penalties in many states. Some states take further steps to make sure the person (particularly a repeat offender) doesn 't get back on the road. The state may confiscate the car or cancel its registration, either temporarily or permanently. Or the state may require an ignition interlock device to be attached to the DUI or DWI offender 's car. This device requires the driver to blow into a small handheld alcohol sensor unit attached to the…

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