The Death Of A Dream Essay

1648 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Today was no different from any other day, waking up to the excruciating sounds of my alarm, wishing I could have five more minutes of of sleep. man I sure wish I could just sleep in and do nothing. But that 's not the case and a dream is only a dream and I know if I don 't wake up now my little brother will be late for school, I know it 's going to be hard for him to wake up because we had such a late night last night.“Ricky wake up buddy it 's time for school”. soon after I make breakfast and usually Ricky is waiting at the table but today he 's running slow. soon he comes in the kitchen to eat his breakfast but this morning he has this sadness that comes around every so often. I know he 's going to ask me something about our mom who died of drug overdose last year I know It 's really hard on him and not just on him it 's hard on me too but i know i have to be strong for my little brother and get him out of the rough streets of chicago, i have a dream for ricky that he will grow up to be a real man unlike our dad who left 2 weeks before ricky was born. I want ricky to graduate high school and become something, Not many 7 year olds are being raised by their 19 year old brother. since I had to drop out of school to take care of him I work odd crappy jobs most of the time multiple jobs just to keep me and ricky with a roof over our heads. ricky doesn 't get new video games, new clothes, new shoes, or anything most kids his age get to enjoy, everyday I wish I could give him a…

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