The Death Of A Doll 's House Essay

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When a play is called a Doll House, chances are that the house might be a
Prevalent home. Early on in the play, the home is seen as a thing of joy, a place of comfort and shelter. The idea of home is enmeshed with the happy family which the Helmer’s seems to be. Towards the play conclusion, the imbalance of power in the family becomes an issue. The seemingly happy home is revealed as having been a façade that hide the gulf between the Helmer’s. Their home is really more of a prison than shelter, this is because Nora’s life in their home constrains her,rather than protect or shelter her. The main message from A Doll’s house seems to be that a true marriage is joining of equals. The play center on the dissolution of a marriage that does not meet these standard. The play also show how women are being oppressed and how they find their independence. The marriage in A Doll’s house fell apart due to an imbalance of power. Nora of doll’s house has often been painted as one of modern drama’s first feminist heroine. Over the course of the play, she breaks away from the domination of her overbearing husband. Helmer wants her to be a housewife and only take care of the kids but she stood up for herself. The men of a doll’s house are in many ways just as trapped by traditional gender roles as the women. Torvald Helmer being the chief example of men that are always provider and bear the burden…

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