Essay on The Death Of A Death Community

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Tom Humphries lost all of his hearing at the age of six from exposure to antibiotics. However, he was raised around hearing people. Both of his parents were able to hear. Tom entered the Death community while he was in college; his entrance wasn’t planed. It was more of an accident. He entered the Death community by learning the Death culture and being around other people who was like himself, but from different back grounds. Even though Humphries’ been death for most of his life, his transition to the Death community was still a challenging one. Tom didn’t know how to sign growing up and his parents didn’t bring him around other death people, so all of these things made Humphries membership in death community a harder one to come by.
Carol Padden was hard of hearing and was not completely death like Tom Humphries. However, Carol was born into a family with two death parents, and death people all around her. Carol was taught early on both English and ASL. Which made Carol entrance into the death community a lot different than Tom’s. Tom had to find his way into the community. Whereas, Carol was more so born into it. Being that Carol was not completely deaf, she eventually got hearing aids and transferred from a deaf school to a public school. Carol had been around hearing people before transitioning to public school. But, the transition was still challenging. Her English was in no way on the level of the hearing kids. She also had to realize how different…

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