The Death Of A Child Essay

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In November, Adriana gave birth to a child she never wanted and spent two months fighting not to have. The first time Adriana was raped, on January 29, 2008, a stranger forced her into his car and drove to a parking lot near the airport in João Pessoa, the capital of the state of Paraíba in northeast
Brazil. The stranger 's gang rented a house on her street. The second time, he drove a different car and threatened to go after her family if she told anyone what had happened.
Adriana, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy, stayed inside her home for four months. Each day, her attacker passed by the window, holding two pointed fingers to his head to remind her of what she stood to lose. When Adriana, 26 and a virgin before she was raped, realized she was pregnant, she knew she wanted an abortion, but she didn 't dare ask anyone in her family for
When Culture Trumps Law
1 of 6 11/8/10 10:31 AMhelp. She knew her evangelical father, in whose house she lived, would tell her to have the child, and that her mother would be ashamed. So in early June, when the gang finally left the house on her street and moved on, Adriana went to the local public hospital.
Under Brazil 's penal code, abortion is a crime except in cases of rape or direct threat to the mother 's life. When Adriana went to the public maternity hospital, Instituto Cândida Vargas, on June 10, she explained that she had been raped, estimated that…

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