Essay on The Death Of A Child

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As a child, you never think what would happen if the time you spent with someone would be your last moments with them. When you said goodbye to that person, it was not supposed to be a permanent goodbye, but more like an “I will see you later.” Growing up as a child, I never thought about death or losing someone I cared about deeply. I thought that I would have that person in my life forever. Even as I got older I did not think much about death because it was hard to think about telling someone goodbye forever. On November 29, 2015, I had to experience what it was like to lose someone I loved more than anything. On November 27th, 2015 I was out in the woods with my boyfriend, Spence, hunting for squirrels to donate to the church for the wild game supper. I left my phone in the truck so I would not lose it out in the woods or be distracted and miss any squirrels. We hunted that morning from seven a.m. to right at five p.m. that evening. Upon arrival back to the truck, we loaded Jake, the squirrel dog, in the dog box and got in the truck to get ready to head back to the house. When I checked my cell phone, I had several missed calls and text messages from my Papa Jerry asking when I was going to be able to come visit him because he missed me. Well, I did not text or call back right away because I knew he would want to talk for a while and I had to help Spence clean the squirrels we killed. After we cleaned the squirrels and put them in the freezer, we decided to go check…

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