The Death Of A Boy And A Girl Essay

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Skylar Thatcher paced angrily down the barely lit street. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks and made trails on her neck. Clutching her tote bag tightly, the young woman could barely control herself from breaking out into a mad run. Ever quickening her pace, her boot heels clicked along the cold pavement and sent shivers through the night. Suddenly she halted and traced her steps backwards, coming to a standstill in front of a little old shop. Still sniffling, Skylar tilted her chin upwards to read a brightly lit sign: “GALLERY WALK-THROUGH”. She reached into her bag and glanced at her phone: 7:56 PM. Curiosity lured her into the mysterious store and led her to the first painting.
Two children, a boy and a girl, were playing in a whirlwind of snow. A small church rose in the background of the painting. Shades of blues and purples floated across the canvass and mesmerized Skylar. She straightened her shoulders and collected herself. This was exactly what she needed.
The next work was yet again of a boy and a girl, yet this time, it portrayed the children as teenagers. The girl was sprawled across the floor on her stomach, while the boy sat in a crisscrossed position. The warm atmosphere of the art hung in the midst of the two laughing over a board game. Skylar smiled as she recalled the many winter nights she had spent with her friends, playing games, telling stories, and eating snacks.
Skylar could almost hear the wedding bells as she gazed dreamily at the…

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