The Death Of A Beautiful Maiden By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe is known as one of America’s most famous poets. His poems were typically based on chilling imagery such as death, decay, supernatural powers and worldly evil, and looking into Edgar’s life, one could say that he wrote his poems based on his own life experiences. For instance, the fact that he lost most of the females close to his heart, are reflected in most of his poems, mainly by the death of a beautiful maiden. A short biography on Poe talked a little about a part of Poe’s troubled background, “Poe’s father, David Poe, Jr., a traveling actor of Irish descent, was neither talented nor responsible, the family suffered financially. After apparently separating from David Poe, Elizabeth died in Richmond, Virginia, in 1811.”(May). Poe went through a lot of hardship in his childhood, which is what prompted him to write, as poets use words to express their feelings. The reason Poe often related the idea of death and decay to the sea in his poems is left to the reader to decide and that is what this essay will be based on. Using poems like: Annabel Lee, The City in the Sea, and A Dream within a Dream, the reader will be guided to decide the meanings of Poe’s poems.
The first poem, Annabel Lee is similar to a fairytale; it starts off telling the reader that the story took place many years ago in a kingdom by the sea. The title character in this poem is Annabel Lee, which the speaker introduces as a maiden whom a lot of people know. In line three, imagery is used to…

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