Analysis Of Jack The Ripper

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Jack the Ripper. 2014. “The ‘Dear Boss’ Letter.” In Voices of Victorian England: Contemporary
Accounts of Daily Life, edited by John A. Wagner, 244-245. Santa Barbara: Greenwood:
An Imprint of ABC-CLIO.
This source is extremely useful because the Jack the Ripper murders are one of the most infamous crimes of the whole era, and this supposedly was the first letter that he sent to the newspapers about his murders. This letter is extremely useful in the paper because it provides an example of one of the many crimes that took place in the Victorian Era. The letter also references the Ripper’s victims as being prostitutes, so this information can be used to show how some lower class women broke the law as well. I chose to include this letter
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Punch was known for showing political and social issues of the times in their cartoons. The cartoon shows a gentleman walking home while wearing a crinoline that was altered to keep himself out of reach of thieves and vagrants. I chose this political cartoon to be in the paper because it shows how prevalent crime was in the Victorian Era. It displays the opinions of the middle and upper classes and how they were in fear of theft or worse in the cities. It shows that crime was a major social issue. The political cartoon is going to be used in the paper by showing the response of the middle and upper classes to the increasing crime rate that was caused by the growing numbers of the lower class in the cities of Great Britain during the reign of Queen …show more content…
Instead, it began to decrease, but the media and the popularity for crime stories in this time period caused the belief that crime was more rampant than it actually was. This source uses statistics and graphs to help prove its point. It also analyzes and cites biases in the popular newspapers of the Victorian Era as well as the style of writing called, “New Journalism,” that may have exaggerated how bad the crime rate actually was. The article disagrees with the argument being used in the paper, but it can be used as an opposing viewpoint that has to be

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