Essay on The ' Deal With The Devil

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Deal with the Devil

Hans lay deep in the snow with his Karabiner 98k a couple inches away. “We shall kill every single Jew for the sake of protecting the Aryan race” proclaimed Hitler on the final playing day of the concentration camps. But here he was, surrounded by his dead comrades trampled over by the Russians in the empty death camp of Auschwitz. The firing squad had left bullets riddled across his body, blood oozed out from the wounds like a fountain staining the blank floor with crimson ink. So here he lied, Hans Wolfgang Camp Commander at Auschwitz reduced to nothing but a rotting body in the ground. He cursed at the only thing he knew, the infinite amount of Gods. Odin, Vishnu, Christ, Buddha all were victim to his torment. He did understand why the Gods had not reached out their hands to carry him into Heaven. Hadn’t he not done everything for the sake of the Lord?
“If you believe that I have wronged you all cloud-flying bastards to make me suffer in this way, then by the Devil, curse you all!”
With that statement, the air around him grew dense to where he felt as if he was being crushed deep into the ground by an invisible force. He turned head as his eyes widened in horror as in the distance, in every direction was a mass of pure black. What the hell he wondered in awe and confusion. As the black mass came closer and closer, he screamed in shock as he saw the fires were not an optical illusion, they were burning everything in their path. The air began to…

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