The Deaf People Into The Hearing World Essay

763 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Mindset is a very interesting concept, what if someone had the ability to change that for one another? If I had the ability to give someone a chance at a new life changing factor, I would definitely start by introducing deaf people into the hearing world. I could only imagine how much of a change that would be by giving deaf people a chance to hear for the first time. There are many ways to change a stuck mindset if someone just tried something new once in a while.
People do not have a choice whether they are can hear or not which is why I am so interested in helping the deaf culture. I have taken two sign language courses and just in that short period of time it has impacted my life, by taking the course I got to see and feel how deaf people are treated. In the class, we were not allowed to speak, we were only to sign which was incredibly difficult. Deaf people have a different look on hearing people because majority of hearing cannot understand the deaf. I have signed with some of the deaf people and they said they try not to get in contact with hearing people because of the communication problems.
When going through life, everybody has different obstacles that they have to go through without giving up. By saying obstacles, I mean when life challenges someone they have to go through the tough and the easy. Sometimes when challenging an obstacle it might not always be a hard situation, it can be clearly easy depending on how someone deals with it. If a person was given…

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