The Deaf Community Deaf People Essay

777 Words Nov 15th, 2015 4 Pages
The problem with our society is that people associate deafness with a disease and these individuals are unable to see that there are many deaf people who contribute to the improvement of our society. Contrary to many misconceptions about the deaf community deaf people are able to integrate themselves into our culture and be able to be a functioning member of society. All individuals have a culture they’re born into or belong to and just like the rest of society deaf people have a culture of their own where they are able to live and interact among people who are just like them and use sign language to communicate and connect with one another yet society struggles to accept their culture. Although deafness is not a disease and the deaf community is a thriving part of society Ms. A should not be able to purposely engineer a deaf child because the child will be discriminated against and in some cases the child will be at a disadvantage. In our society many people have a hard time accepting and interacting with anyone that is different. There are a set of norms in a community and when people encounter something or someone out of the norm they discriminate against that individual, whether it’s intentional or not. There is a stigma attached to being deaf therefore, people in the deaf community have experienced many forms of discriminations. People treat them differently and underestimate their abilities to be a part of our society. Although the deaf community believes…

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