Essay about The Dead By John Richard Lepsius

1817 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 8 Pages
The Ancient Egyptians had strong beliefs that when they died their spiritual body would continue to exist in the afterlife similar to their living world. The role of the afterlife played a huge part in the life’s of Egyptians that it influenced their everyday life. Egyptians were not guaranteed that their spiritual body would continue to exist that they would recite spells in order to be clean and pure. The Book of the Dead was used as a guide by Egyptians because they believed that it was an everlasting form of how the life of an Egyptian should be. Achieving the afterlife so that their spiritual body would continue to exist was very important to Egyptians that they recited the spells from the Book of the Dead,followed a system of writing called the Papyrus, and practice mummification. The Book the Dead is based on Ancient Egyptian texts that is designed to help Egyptians transvert into the realm of the dead. Karl Richard Lepsius published “ The Book of the Dead” in the year 1842. At first when he had discovered the book he thought it was an Egyptian bible. But as time progress it was discovered that it was not an Egyptian bible but a book that contains the product of divine revelation. Egyptians believed that their life was temporary on earth that they did anything possible to reach the real prize in the afterlife once deceased. The main focus of The Book of the Dead is to give a basic knowledge of what the Egyptians beliefs are of the underworld. In the final section…

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