The Days Of Wines And Roses By William Gass Essay

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A Downward Spiral
Many people get to a point in life where they contemplate with the idea of suicide. People have their personal reasons - depression, financial issues, relationships. Some people facade positive emotions to conceal private despair, while others show signs leading to their suicide. In the 1962 film drama The Days of Wines and Roses, a married couple’s relationship falls apart due to alcoholism. “The Doomed in Their Sinking” by William Gass, Gass tries to understand the concept of suicide by writing about his parents and famous suicides. The movie and essay revolves around unintentional influences that inevitably cause their self-destruction. The Days of Wines and Roses a couple who loses their everything because of their addiction to alcohol. The couple are both addicted to alcohol, which leads to burning down their apartment. Joe loses his job and becomes a severe alcoholic that he has to recover at a hospital twice. On the way to apply to a new job, he notices his reflection in the mirror and gaze at himself. After looking at the reflection, he comprehends why his life is miserable and alcohol is the reason he has to live with his father in law, and why he couldn 't maintain a stable job. His wife Kirsten is also an alcoholic, unlike her husband, she cannot control her impulses. Kirsten loses sight of reality, regularly drinking because she views the world as a much “dirtier” place when she is sober. In the essay, Gass gives an example of suicide:…

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