Essay on The Days Of The Day

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The rest of the day was extremely boring where Abigale was concerned. She got through her classes without speaking to anyone, not even the teachers. While doing work from her textbook in science, Abigale plugged in her headphones, drowning out the scratching of pencils and faint whispers of ridicule.

When the final bell for school had finally rung out, Abigale gathered her things and raced out of the front doors. She joined Tiffany, who was just a little ways down the road from where Abigale had been. The two walked home from school every day, but usually never spoke to one another. Most of the time, Abigale was too tired to talk about meaningless things anyway.

Sadly, the one day she wanted to have a quiet walk home, Tiffany chatted her ear off. Every time Tiffany would pause in a sentence, Abigale would nod and smile every now and then, hopefully causing Tiffany to think she was actually listening. In truth, she wasn’t.

For some reason, she couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that something was about to happen. Earlier that morning, her mother had been really angry about something but hadn’t shared anything with Abigale. That’s what had put a damper on her day, and class just added onto it. Now, she just wanted everyone to go away.

“—then Jenny told me that I should go find someone else to gawk at. The nerve of her!”

Abigale nodded slowly, her mind just flipping back to the conversation at hand. “Did you tell her off?”

“No . . . I was too humiliated!…

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