Essay on The Day the Machines Went off

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The Day the Machines Went off
ECO316: Financial Institutions & Markets (CKK1344A)

Imagine there was a huge electrical storm and all electronic devices stopped working and society had no clue what happened to all of the electronic devices to cease working, what caused the storm, why only electronic devices were effected, how much damage the storm caused, how long will it take to correct the effects, how can society as a whole continue to conduct business and how can the issue be fixed and avoided in the future.
A few of the immediate effects would be the complete shutdown of our financial institution as we know it. There would be no banking transactions, the stock market
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With this issue of the rise in crime will case an overcrowding if the judicial system. More people will be going to jail due to lack of money which will cause them to rob and steal to feed themselves as well as their families.
Families with a history in agriculture will have an easier time caring for themselves since they make their living growing crops and raising animals to supply food products. They would encounter people stealing crops and/or animals to feed themselves and/or their families. This would not be much of an issue in bigger cities due to people in larger cities do not have as much if any land to grow crops or raise animals on. In larger cities like New York, the city has a multitude of apartment complexes throughout the five boroughs and the reason for all of the high-rises and apartment complexes are to maximize the amount of people in a small area at one time, which is why the access to land to grow crops or raise animals is extremely limited. When you go out to Long Island the individual homes are allotted a small patch of land around their homes. But, still in all the prospect of growing food is very limited even on Long Island.
With the lack of functioning banks. This will cause a large issue due to many people either receive paper checks or utilize direct deposit to receive their paychecks either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. If there were

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