Essay on The Day the Cowboys Quit

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The Day The Cowboys Quit The Day the Cowboys Quit is a novel written by the highly acclaimed Texas native, Elmer Kelton, in 1971. Kelton was born April 29th, 1926 in West Texas. Throughout the early years of his life, Kelton was raised on a ranch and attended college at the University of Texas to study journalism. Over a span of about fifty years, Kenton was hard at work delivering western novels, most of which are based in Texas. The novel The Day the Cowboys Quit received the Spur award in 1971 for the best western novel. This is only one of about forty novels written by Kelton who has received prestigious awards for many of his novels. The opening of the novel presents a prelude of how life for the 19th century cowboy was and how …show more content…
However, there are plenty of examples of when Hitch stood his ground rather than bending over backward to appease others, or for the sake of sheer convenience. Toward the middle of the book, Hitch’s cattle are forcibly taken from him as he is labeled a maverick hunter. The big cattle corporations are seizing control of the plains by wiping out small competition even if the means of doing so lie outside the law. Law McGinty is hung by John Torrington and Prosper Selkirk after he has been caught stealing cattle. The death of Law brings Hitch to the realization that something must be done to stop Torrington and Selkirk which comes in the form of him becoming sheriff. Although the idea to become sheriff was not his, he did accept with much hesitation to accept to run in the race. After elected, Hitch takes Torrington and Selkirk to court over the illegal hanging of Law McGinty. Unfortunately Hitch loses his case and Prosper and Torrington walk away free men, but as Edson Briggs put it, it’s a start. One thing that was noticeable throughout the novel was the exceptional character development. Each character endured some change over time in the novel. One of the more apparent cases was Rascal McGinty. In the beginning he was more of a nuisance and a troublemaker and at the end he still was, but it seemed that he definitely dulled down

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