The Day That The Christian World Essay

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October 25 Is Reformation Sunday. will be the day that the christian world the following is a brief segment of a class I taught on “Church History on my web,

MARTIN LUTHER: was born Nov. 10 1483, in Eisleben Germany. Hon and Magerate Luder welcomed to their home their 2nd born. Next day he was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church as Martin Luther. (I am not sure why the name was changed from Luder to Luther).

Hon Luder was a labor, Martin stated later "he was proud to be the son of a peasant". As a young man he helped support his family by singing on street.

1501 Luther was 17 years old when his Father sent him to Erfurt to study Art &Philosophy. Very little is recorded about these studies and to my knowledge none of his art works have emerged.

In January 1505 he changes his studies and stated studying law at University Erfurt. This proved to be helpful later in his ministry while he was being tried for heresy.

Luther, at the end of his summer break on July 7 on his way back to Erfurt from his parents ' house, he is caught in a serious thunderstorm near Stotheim. He is nearly struck by lightening and thrown from his horse to the ground. He cried “Help me St. Anne I’ll become a monk”. St Anne is the patron saint of miners. Feeling this was a message from God, he vows he will become a monk. Martin left his studies in Erfurt and entered the Augustinian Monastery and became a Monk. (Not ascetic…

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