Essay The Day That My Team And I Had Been Working On All Season

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Today is the day that my team and I had been working on all season. It’s competition day. Now this year I feel we have a good chance. We have been practicing non-stop from the sun up to sundown; there was no such thing as downtime. We had an awesome dance routine and one of the best crowd-pleasers around. But to top it off we had a killer stunt at the end that was sure enough going to win us first place. “Alright, ladies. It is time for everyone to get up and get dressed.” My coach said as she walked into our hotel. I was sitting on the bed trying to get my thoughts together on how to bring my team to victory. I didn’t want to go home with another year of disappointment. As I sit up from the bed and walk over to wear my uniform was laying I just had a good feel that this will be a good day. “Come on ladies, I need you to hurry up so we can get the competition, but first I want to go through the routine more time in front of the hotel.” After I got my uniform on, I reached for the box that help my new white crispy Nike cheer shoes. I was pretty excited to wear these because I haven’t had new cheer shoes since the beginning of the season. As I finished lacing my shoes, I gathered all my stuff and headed to the front of the hotel. “Alright, ladies lineup! 5..6..7..8..”
“Where are the best yell W! J! F! Clap Clap.” As I fell to the back waiting for my stunt group to assemble, so we could hit this stunt more time before taking the mat at the competition. I kept thinking…

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