The Day Of The Triffids Analysis

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The Unknown In 1951, John Wyndham created The day of the Triffids that not only introduced a new plague of horror but also a new perspective on the human race. As one of the first few science fiction novels out John Wyndham used many literary tools that brought together a post-apocalyptic timeline with some moving moments. In the novel he uses his ominous setting and his distinct take on characters to his advantage. The outrageous and descriptive setting throughout the novel jolts the readers into a different dimension with deadly consequences. The apocalypse takes place around 1951 in the center of London. Since the first half of the novel takes place in London, the setting includes thousands of frightened blind people who wonder the streets. This causes a more hectic environment for the protagonist, Bill, due to the constant theft and craze of the newly blind people. The setting of the novel creates a hopeless feel that Bill carries on his shoulders throughout the book. The most potent part of the setting is the Triffid plants that haunt the streets and fields of England. These triffids are killing machines that create terror for everyone around. The triffids are the most important part of …show more content…
Bill progresses throughout the novel into becoming the most intelligent and well planned reliable man. He is fueled by his love for Josella and is hope for a better future. He is able to keep himself and others around him alive because of his ability to never stay static. Bill connects to a strong theme in the novel, which is Perseverance. Bill is unable to give up on his freshly created duties. When he lived on the farm in Essex he worked day and night trying to create a blockade for the Triffids. He knew that he had others counting on him and that was able to make him stronger. All of these qualities create a main character that others are able to look up

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