The Day Of The Sunrise Essay

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The sunrise coming up over the clear blue ocean is mesmerizing. Sitting on the top deck of the boat, I stare at the masterpiece before me. My grandparents and I are eating breakfast when an elderly woman sits at the table beside us. We waited for someone to join her, but no one did. My grandma, being the social type, starts to make conversation with the elderly woman.
“Pretty sunrise isn’t it,” my grandma ask.
“It sure is lovely,” the elderly woman said.
“Where you from?” my grandma said.
“I don’t really have a set home,” she said. “I go wherever the boat takes me.”
“How many cruises you been on?” my grandma said.
“I done lost count,” she said. “Each summer I spend about two weeks on a cruise. I have been almost everywhere. I have been on a cruise to Italy, Rome; Paris, France; The Bahamas, Nassau; and many other places. I have been to each one so many times, I stay on the boat instead of stepping out on the islands. It’s so relaxing up here; however, it does get boring at times. Yeah, I’ve been living easy in my old age; traveling on boats is was makes it so. I am truly blessed.”
“That sounds wonderful. My husband and I are planning a cruise to Alaska as soon as we get back.” My grandma said.
“Oh, Alaska is beautiful,” she said. “Just make sure you choose the right time; for instance, I would go in the summer so it’s not too cold. Although, any time of the year in Alaska is cold.” the woman said laughing.
“That’s one thing we are worried about,” my grandma said. “We live…

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