Essay on The Day Of The State Golf Tournament

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The Putt that Broke All Spirits
Beep! Beep! Beep! The sound of my thundering alarm clock blared through my room on an early Thursday morning. I opened my right eye slowly, then yawned, then made a quick sweep around my room; my heart suddenly started racing, adrenaline and energy burst through my body as I shot myself out of bed! I suddenly realized that today was the day of the opening round of the State Golf Tournament! Now, standing in my room, I realized the importance of the day; I rushed to get ready, I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, and then threw on my golf cloths that I had laid out the night before. I quickly gave my mother a goodbye hug, bolted to my truck, and headed off to meet the rest of the team. Everyone was excited about the tournament and all of us couldn’t shut up about the tournament. Braxton and I sat in the back of the big yellow school bus and talked about how great we were going to play the next two days. Although, I did not yet know how overwhelmingly devastating the next two days were going to actually be. After am extremely slow, four our bus ride, we finally arrived in Desoto at the Pine Ridge Golf Club. It was a beautiful course! We stepped out of the bus and on to what looked like a small piece of heaven. The beauty of the course that lied in front of me took my breath way; I was so amazed that I didn’t even feel alive, I felt like I was outside of my own body. The first place all of us headed to was the driving range. The driving…

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