Essay on The Day Of The Revolution

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“Thank you, great Americans, thank you. Let the revolution begin!” Edward raised his fist in the air and stepped back from the podium. Two handlers escorted Edward out of the room. The crowd slowly settled down. A euphoric murmur filled the ballroom. “Wasn’t that wonderful?” Tabitha asked, tugging gently at William’s arm. “Every time I hear him speak, oh, it just makes me want to burst.” “Who is he?” William asked. “Edward Birch,” Tabitha said. “He’s the reason we’re here.” The sparse lights in the room were turned off and the shades drawn. For a moment, the only light was cast in gently lapping orange and red waves from the fire. Two screens set up on each side of the podium illuminated under the glow of LCD projectors. The scene opened with a dramatic helicopter flyover of a lighthouse somewhere along the rocky, wave-swept Maine coast. Gigantic words introduced the segment - Beacon Academy – Restoring America’s Promise. Images of decrepit schools and rundown neighborhoods illustrated the points made by a female commentator who narrated the video.
“Today, there are over fifty-six million children enrolled in America’s pre-kindergarten through grade twelve system of public education. The taxpayers of this great nation spend approximately eleven thousand dollars each year to educate each one of these children, over six hundred billion dollars annually. That’s more money spent on education than all other industrialized nations spend on education combined. Yet, the vast…

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