The Day Of The Night Essay

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On the morning of September 14th, Charles and two of his crew all arrived at the kitchen table expecting William to have prepared breakfast for them. But there was no breakfast and no William. Charles and company found that William 's bed had not been slept in, his clothes and baggage were gone and down by the dock a canoe was missing. Charles knew that if William had left in the previous evening the lake would have been rough and difficult to canoe. All the locals would have known it due to the evening thunderstorms and the following morning there was still a stiff breeze. Once the winds calmed down a little later in the day, Charles and company searched the lake in a boat eventually finding the canoe overturned on a beach. But still no William plus no one had seen him at the Jennings.
When William couldn 't be found the OPP was contacted as in the previous year.
Ball 's disappearance was reported back to Virginia and the State Department in Washington requested an inquest. The U.S. vice-consul in Toronto, C. Paul Fletcher stated: We have been requested to make an enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a negro named William Bull [sic], who went to that district with an American this year, but so far we have no particulars except that the police are looking into the matter.
OPP commissioner, Maj Gen Victor Williams ordered the investigation assigning two provincial police officers to investigate. The investigation had to start anew due to…

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