The Day Of The Night Essay

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“He doesn’t sound too good. Do you think he’s gonna make it,” John asked? “I don’t know,” I said quietly trying to hold back tears. We joined Alli and Jay on the couches in her downstairs living room to talk about everything. “Guys, I’m sorry to say this but, if he doesn’t make it can we go to the funeral together? I think I’d need you guys,” Jay asked quietly. I couldn’t contain myself any longer so I stepped into the bathroom for a moment. I looked into the mirror as the tears were rushing down my face. This was real. We all see terrible tragedies on TV but you never think it would happen to someone so close to you. It became harder and harder to breathe and hold back tears. I visited Eric many more times. Alli and I went whenever we got the chance which was almost every other day of our Summer but it seemed hopeless. One day the doctors would say he’s making progress and the next they couldn’t stop the bleeding from his ears. It seemed like a constant battle of back and forth but I still stood by his side even when nothing was changing. For a month I refused to leave the town. I hoped he would wake up and I didn’t want to miss it. Then, the end of August came and Alli wanted to take our friend Christina and I down to her beach house. I was hesitant but I knew I needed it. We began our three hour long drive down to Long Beach Island. Just minutes before we reached her beach house I got a text from Kaila. Eric’s awake! I’m about to go see him, do you want to come? “You…

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