The Day Of The Marathon Essay

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On April 19 1966, Bobbi Gibb became the first women to run in the Boston Marathon—disguised as a man in men’s clothing. Growing up, Gibb was always passionate about running. She spent her adolescent and adult years running for her own enjoyment. After she witnessed her first marathon, Gibb felt the desire to participate in the marathon as a runner. Thus, she took it upon herself to train without professional assistance. By the end of her training, she was able to run 40 miles in one stretch; Gibb submitted her application to organization overseeing the marathon, feeling confident in her ability to perform efficiently. However, the organization rejected her application, asserting that women were not allowed because it was a common belief that women did not have the same physical capabilities as men, therefore women would not be able to handle the strenuous activity. Understandably, Gibb was outraged at the stereotype, but she did not let the misconception deter her from pursuing her happiness. On the day of the marathon, she dressed up in her brother’s clothing, joined the marathon, and finished among the top one-third of marathon runners. (Katz). In every social function, the balance of women and men is unequal. Women are restricted to the social behavior that is expected of them, dictated by society. Society expects women to be submissive and frowns upon the thought that women can participate in activities that is normally done by males. Meanwhile, society applauds men when…

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