The Day Of The Desert Essay

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Three o’clock in the morning and I do not want to be here, sitting out on a concrete pad in the middle of the desert for the last two hours. I should be a little more specific; I’m on the flight line at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, waiting for my final flight into Tallil Air Base, Iraq. I grab my fourth bottle of water to quench my thirst; the dry heat killing me. I thought it would be cooler here in the evening, nope a nice 89 degrees. Feels more like 103 I contribute this to the fourty-pounds of military gear I am wearing. Not comfortable at all; the heavy flak vest, causing my shoulders to ache and on top of that a sore neck because of the two and a half pound helmet. Boredom set in an hour and a half ago since there is nothing to see but concrete and spot lights surrounding the airfield. My mind wanders, then I start thinking of my family back home and how much I missed them, only five more months, I just started this deployment and I am already counting down the days. Boy, this is my third one I should be use to this by now. Then I hear the announcement, “chalk 31, time to load”.
A white school bus rumbles to a stop and our scraggly group of thirty begins to load. Only a five-minute ride to the airplane. As I get off the bus, I look down the row of C-130 Hercules aircraft. This will be one of the smallest aircrafts I have flown in. Not modern at all when compared to other aircrafts, short, fat and old fashioned, a prop job that has been in the Air Force…

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