The Day Of The Cracker Barrel Waitress Essay

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“The day in the life of the Cracker Barrel Waitress”

Arlington, Texas - Three servers from the local Cracker Barrel know all the tips and tricks to getting the best tips and staying on top of the game when it comes to serving. Angelique Ochoa has been a server for just under a year and believe that it is her bubbling personality that gives her the edge in getting tips from her customers. “If you are rude to them and act like you don’t care about the customers, I guarantee that you would be lucky enough to even get two dollars from the,” says Ochoa. “I want them to know that I’m here to give them the best experience possible, so every time they come back they can request me as their server,” It is all about trying to make regulars here.”
Sometimes completing your first week of serving can be tough on a person. You are learning the ropes and trying to find your nitch in things, your way around the restaurant and the best way you can help guest. And with that being said lets meet Jazmyn Illard, she just completed her first week of severing and found out quickly what it takes to get the highest amount in tips from customers.
“This is my first time serving in a restaurant and I learned quickly to take my time and adjust, it’s fast pace, so I’m always moving, I can never sit down and have a second to myself,” says Illard. “In the beginning, I feel I was a bit too nice and checked on my customers too many times to the point where I felt I was annoying them a little. I still…

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