Essay on The Day Of The Brooklyn Navy Yard

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“I guess I have to agree with you,” I conceded with a yawning sigh, proceeding to ask them what happened after they were flown back to New Jersey. Grandpa, using his best faux-British accent, replied “Indeed you may, young squire,” before returning to his authentic gravelly, rocky, Brooklyn-bred accent. They were in some sort of holding pattern for a few days, until they got taken by train to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where there was a transport ship waiting for them known as the General Maurice Rose. Maurice Rose was a World War I veteran who also served as a United States Army general during World War II, and was the son of a rabbi and the Third Armored Division’s commander. “Where did the Maurice Rose take you two?” I had to ask.
Grandpa, who got lost in thought and concentration, then proceeded to tell me about how they went overseas on the ship to Southampton, England. Upon landing there, they got a train ride up to the RAF Sc-u-l-t-h-or-p-e base which was a military training facility for the United Kingdom 's Ministry of Defense, situated about 3 miles west of Fake-n-ham in Norfolk, England. He clarified how the base was in a worse climate than any I had ever experienced in my lifetime, because there were only four miles of land between the base—which the Royal Air Force also used during World War II—and the North Pole, while the rest was open sea. I visualized them shaking hands with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, imagining how cold and damp it must have been. “Anyways,” Grandpa…

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