The Day Of The Beach Essay

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We got to the beach in no time. The sun was still high in the sky, making it more than warm enough for everyone to be looking forward to getting to the ocean. We set up camp on the higher part of the beach, close enough so that the trip down to the water wouldn’t be long and tiring but far enough away to where the tides wouldn’t hit our camps. The camps were sort of sad heaps of everything we had saved from the crashed plane and burning building.

Our little spot we had picked out was at the edge of the beach, where the tan sand gave way to green grass and tall trees. Our spot was organized, sheets laid out like a bed, bags along the sides to keep them from blowing away, pillows on top of the sheets. A genuine homemade bed on a beach, we were all set, hot and sweaty. We headed toward the water, ready to cool off and maybe even enjoy ourselves. Emma was so excited and ready to get in the water and play on the beach, even though she had been through so many terrible things in the past 24 hours she still had her childlike sense of wonder. She was just looking forward to having fun on the beach and Sara and I agreed that we would try and make sure she enjoyed herself, even if she did have to swimming in her clothes.

A few feet from shore washing up onto the shore as we go to see what is reflecting the sun 's light and moving closer to shore with each passing wave. It stuck up out of the water to much to just be the water reflecting light and drawing all of us in with…

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