Essay on The Day Of School - Original Writing

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“I’m disappointed in you.” The words escaped my dad’s mouth as if they were my own. The truth was, I was disappointed in me too. “I can’t believe you’re going to miss another day of school, you can’t keep doing this Curtis!” I knew he was right; I had already missed 40 days and the school year was barely halfway over, but I just couldn’t find any motive to attend school. When I did find that motivation somewhere very deep within to make my way to school, I cursed myself for being so foolish as to think anything might have changed. Each time I entered homeroom the faces I had observed walking the halls for the past eight years seemed as unfamiliar to me as I must have to them. A huge part of me was missing when I was at school and it killed me to think I might never be happy there.

As the days passed, 8th grade graduation grew closer and I relished the thought of finally escaping the godforsaken experience of my lackluster education. Don’t get me wrong I might have hated it, but deep down within I had a burning passion for learning that could not and would not be extinguished. Graduation to me was a sign of hope, it meant leaving behind all the troubles of my past and starting fresh. It will all be better next year I thought: the words that guided me through the final days of elementary school to the day of my departure. Eventually the day arrived and my heart was racing to get it over with as quickly as I could. I threw on a white button down and khakis, practically jumped…

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