Essay about The Day Of School At Maple Syrup Elementary

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Once upon a time in a kitchen not so far away, there lived in a small cottage made of milk and honey and all things yummy, Patty Pancake, Mommy Muffin and Daddy Doughnut.
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Patty Pancake was so excited to begin her first day of school at Maple Syrup elementary. Telling Mommy Muffin and Daddy Doughnut about all of the friends she would meet.
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Mrs. Danish, her teacher introduced Patty Pancake to her new classmates. “Good morning class, a new student has joined us today. Please help me welcome Patty Pancake to our class.” Mrs. Danish said with a smile.
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Suddenly, one of the children said something really mean about Patty Pancake.
“She is so round and fluffy,” joked Sammy Sausage.

“Yeah, she’s probably too round to fit in the desk,” laughed Benny Bacon.

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“The other children in the class also laughed at Patty Pancake, which made her feel very sad. It was then Patty Pancake noticed no one else in her new class looked like her, was fluffy like her or round like her. She was different and did not feel like she fit in.”

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“Well, that is not very kind class. Please, be nice to Patty. It is her first day of school after all.” Said Mrs. Danish.

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The bell rang for recess and all of the kids ran outside to play the games they loved to play. Patty Pancake watched with excitement as Bailey Bagel and Barry Biscuit played tether ball.

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Patty waited and waited hoping to join in and play a game she too loved to play. But Bailey…

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