The Day Of Ramadan Research Paper

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The British Mandate was a period of an era that experienced the ascent of two major nationalist movements, among the Jewish and Arab people. They were competing over national interests of the Arab and Jewish populations of Palestine territory and against the governing British authorities matured into the Arab Revolt from 1934 through 1939. Then the Jewish insurgency in Palestine before culminating in the Civil War from 1947 through 1948, the aftermath of the Civil War and the consequent of 1948 Arab and Israeli War, led to the establishment of the 1949 cease-fire agreement. With partition of the former Mandatory Palestine between the newborn state of Israel with a Jewish majority, the West Bank annexed by the Jordanian Kingdom and the …show more content…
On the The Day of Ramadan The Arabs countries devisd a plan to attack on that day because it was the day were they would least suppect it This was Known as tha Yom Kippur War. October 6, 1973 Egypt and Syria attempeted to acquire all the territories lost during the SIX DAY WAR . They launched a joint surprise attack the Syaians attacked the Golan Heights, while the Egyptians attacked the Suez Canal in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel inflected heavy casulatites due to their elimimante of surprise. This continued for three weeks of fighing . The Israli lost so many sodliers and equiptment The United States resupplied the IDF. They managed to push the Syrain forces beyond the the Golan Hights. The Israli were succeful in that aspect that the invaded Syria and destroyed Iragi who help reinforce their miltrya. The Golian Infantry Brigade captured a Stratgiec out post know as Mount Herman. In Syria. In the Sinai Peninsula they counld not provent the overrunning of the Seuz Canal, they were out numbered and illequipted. The Israli were unsuscessful the first few time so the withdrew and launch another counteroffensive. They finaly regain the Canal on October 14 and attempted to capture two other town on the other side of the canal know as Seuz and Ismailia to cut Egyptian supply lines. They failed to capture the line of were susscfeul in cutting off the supply line to supply the Southern forces of Egypt. The United Nation enterviened and ordered a cease fire

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