The Day Of New York City Essay

1832 Words May 31st, 2016 null Page
The crowd had a life of its own. People here and there pushing, shoving against one another each with a specific destination. Everyone had somewhere to go, everyone had a place to call home. He stood there every day with his worn out cloths and unshaved beard watching them go back and forth and wondered what was so important that everyone was always rushing. Was their life so demanding that they could not take a single second to just… breath? He spent his days wandering around the streets of New York City praying that somebody would give him money so he could have a decent meal, but no one had the time or decency to help him out. Everyone was always worried about their life and their precious five year plans but he was just happy to get through each day. The day I met him was like any other gloomy summer day in New York City. He was wondering the train station as he usually does every morning when he spotted me and my brother.We were waiting for the 9 a.m train like any other Wednesday morning. We both had a busy day ahead of us and if that train was one minute late, our boss would release her reign of terror upon on us. We were getting on the train when he yelled out for me.
“Hey you there,” he yelled across the crowded subway street, “You over there with the cashmere sweater.” I ignored him at first not knowing he was talking to me then he came up to me angrily and said, “Are you folks so heartless that you would ignore an old man?”
“Who me?” I asked in a…

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