The Day Of My Life Essay

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It was the day before heading off to college I had decided I liked the laptop that my dad had got me for college but I had had my eyes on another one. It was at this time that I decided to go buy the one I truly wanted. This ultimately led to the longest day of my life. I made my way over to Best Buy which was around 20 minutes from my house at 10:30 AM. I got there a bit before opening and waited patiently for the clock to turn to 11:00 am. Now at this point I had not full made my decision. This resulted in a 2 hour decision filled with much agony. In the end, I decided to purchase the computer that I really wanted. I walked to my car in the parking lot as happy as could be. I began driving. About 100 feet from the on ramp to the highway I heard a pop but thought nothing of it. A few moments later as I was turning onto the on ramp I realized I had made a massive mistake. Before this moment in time my father had been asking me to fill my tire with air but I never did and now I had to pay the consequences for my stupidity. I had a flat.
Sure I was pulled over in one of the worst places in the world too change a tire but I wasn’t worried as I had done it many times just for fun. I go into my trunk grab the jack. I full lift the car allowing the tire to freely rotate. I had back to the truck to get a wrench to remove the bolts and it was at that point I remembered I didn’t have one. Not only this, but I had a phone that didn’t function and work in 45 minutes. So I realized my…

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