The Day Of My Life Essay

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The Day My Life Got Turned Upside Down

My mother’s shrieks pierced the air. My father’s shouts thundered through the house. Unidentifiable thumps and clatters were heard in the kitchen. I sat crouched at the stop of the stairs with my brother, Nick, tears streaming down my face, barely able to catch my breath. I felt as if I were drowning in my tears. Nick sat next to me, trying to hold it together, telling me everything would be okay. Looking back, he was always the stronger of the two of us in tragic situations, such as this. How could a five and seven-year-old possibly have any clue what was about to happen? Suddenly, a door slammed shut. At the time, that sound stayed with me for a while. I didn’t realize it until a little later, but that sound was the signal one of my parents walking out. To this day, I don’t know who it was that walked out that night, but that sound of the door slamming haunted me for some time. My entire body would fill with fear when I heard that horrid sound; I was afraid of anyone else ever walking out again. The next day, my parents sat down with my brother and me to tell us what was happening. At the time, I didn’t really understand. All I knew was that my mom was moving to a different house and I wouldn’t get to see both of my parents all of the time anymore. They didn’t tell us much; only what they thought they had to. Giving my dad a hug before leaving with my mom was one of the hardest things a little girl, such as myself,…

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