The Day Of My Home Essay example

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The home Invader
When I think of home the first word that pops into my head is safe. This particular night my home was anything but safe. It felt invaded, the safety of my house felt taken from me. Yet it was standing right in front of me, all was well with it, until that night. The night that seemed to change everything for the eight year old me. It seemed like nothing could ever be the same. I was so paranoid that I would never be able to sleep again, because of what happened right inside my home. I can remember thinking if I could ever get over this, would home ever feel safe again. It was early April of 2008, just like any other Wednesday for our family. We had a routine day of school, followed by a normal Wednesday night church. The only thing I can remember that was different was my dad (who is the pastor at our church) had a meeting afterwards. Which caused him to get home later than usual. The ride home was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact nothing unusual even occurred until everyone was home, almost ready to sleep. I was sitting in my room as I, for reasons I cannot remember, walked into the empty hallway to go to who knows where. My brother had just stepped out from the bathroom ready for bed, complete with PJs and a robe. I had finished that routine and being the youngest was always the first to bed. The two oldest brothers were also close to preparing for the days end. My dad had finally arrived home from his meeting. All seemed well, until we noticed…

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