The Day Of High School Essay

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Fast footsteps touch the ground as a girl is running towards her school. Today was the

day of High school for this lady. The name Yuki was the student as she finally made her

destination. Only to realize she was far ahead of someone she knew deeply. So she

paused for a moment and stood by waiting for that person. Many students pass by as

she waited longer for the other student to join in. Until finally she saw the students

presence, she then smiles and runs over to her. She quickly gives her a warm hug as

she is excited that she continues to have school with her. This 10th grade students

friends name is Kimi. Kimi sighs as her best friend hugs her, the usual. She then

proceeds to peel off the other girl and looks around the school design.

“Wow this sure is a big place, much more bigger than Middle school don’t you think? I

mean, there is even more students! Knowing me though I am pretty shy an-” SHe was

cut off by the other girl as she placed her fingers over the others mouth.

“Don’t worry Kimi! This year is going to be great! Along with our other two years!.” She

smiles after finishing her sentence. Kimi giggles a little and nods with agreement. The

morning bell rings as the rest of the students rush to their class.

“Come on Kimi we better be going! Or else we don 't wanna be late to your first day of


They follow up into the classrooms and parted for a moment.

Yuki sits down at her desk and looks at all the students talking to each…

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