Essay on The Day Of Christmas Season

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Dazzling multi-colored lights sparkled, laughter filled the room, and “Jingle Bells” played in the background, until the echoing sound of a phone resonated throughout the decorated house. Soon, the room fell still as the look on my mothers face went from joyful to distraught. Christmas, my absolute favorite holiday, always started the day after Thanksgiving when my mom pulled out the Christmas decorations. However, the first day of Christmas in 2009 did not bring holiday spirit, or comfort, or joy. It only brought pain. After a prolonged, difficult move to Hawaii on the Air Forces orders, we finally had a peaceful moment to enjoy the Christmas season; however, that immediately changed when my mother announced Grandpa, my grandpa who would read bedtime stories and build me a rope swing just to keep me entertained, diagnosed with Cancer. Instantaneously, my mother, three siblings, and I packed our bags with cold weather clothes and flew to sub-zero Montana, leaving my dad behind in the sunny and 75, Hawaii.
Driving to the farm, I remember looking out at the frozen wheat fields and selfishly pitying myself for not having the Christmas I expected. I promptly reminded myself that the circumstances stood so much greater, and that I had too, as my Grandpa would put it, “toughen up”. When we arrived at the little house that I would live for an indefinite amount of time, I saw through the window a tiny, tattered tree with a string of lights and a star on top, causing the scrawny…

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