The Day Of Birth Is A Gender Based On Their Biological Characteristics

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My Gender
On the day of birth, babies are assigned a gender based on their biological characteristics. At a really young age, we were given a gender identity and thought how to follow gender roles to basically fit with society’s expectations. If a baby is born a male, he is expected to act masculine and be tough, independent, rough, logical, dominant etc. If a baby is born a female, she is expected to act feminine and be gentle, dependent, calm, emotional, submissive, etc. We are taught how to act, talk and behave depending on our gender. If people don’t follow these norms, in most cases they are discriminated . Before I was born, the doctors were not able to tell my sex through the ultrasound. My mom said that I wasn’t cooperating and I was in a position where my sex couldn’t be identified. When I was born the first thing my dad did was check if I had a penis or vagina. He really wanted to have a baby boy, but he was happy to call me his princess and so was my mom. Since then, I’ve been identified as a female.
Social construction had and still has a lot to do with my gender identity. As the first child, my parents were delighted to have a baby girl. About 75% of my baby clothes were dresses. My outfits were also pink or pastel colors. As a baby my mom got my ears pierced and she would put a cute golden bracelet with my name on it. When I didn’t have much hair, she would put cute headbands or bows to identify me as a female. My parents would sit with me and watch…

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