The Day Of A Soldier Essay

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A soldier knows how to strip down and reassemble his weapon blindfolded and in the dark. We too must study to rightfully divide the word of truth. (2nd. Timothy 2:15)
In any form of combat, there are a thousand distractions to avert our attention. We must stay focused. All around us in our churches, people are becoming distracted from our mission. Evangelism in many places has become a spectator sport. Only a few are out in our Father’s harvest field while many as spectators sit in the church watching. They have become distracted by good intentions. Let me share a story with you that I once heard a Chaplain relate to a few soldiers.”
“A General sent for a soldier and gave him an urgent mission:”
“Take this message to the front-line as quick as you can.”
“The soldier saluted the General and ran in double-time to complete his mission.
After two kilometers he came across an old man sitting exhausted on the road who yelled:”
“Hey Joe, these ration packs needs to get to the front, and my weary bones are too tired.”
“The helpful soldier loaded them into his bag and resumed his journey at a fast walk.
It wasn’t long before he met a nurse aiding a wounded man.”
“Soldier,” she called. “I have medical supplies that are urgently required at the front-line. Can you take them?”
“He again loaded up and then continued at a slower pace.
Many kilometers later the weary soldier came across a truck with a flat tire. The driver called out:”
“Lend us a hand, Joe, these rifles, and…

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