The Day In My Life

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It was April 17, 2014, the day was beautiful it was a cool 78 degrees and I had planned to go home and fish with some friends then later gather around the dinner table to have an amazing home cooked meal. This was a normal day, because my family all lived so close that I could throw a rock at each of their houses I never seemed to go hungry someone was always cooking. I loved having all the family around and it was perfect but then on April 17, 2016, something happened that we could not fathom. The day started off like any other waking up for school and going through the motions. Most days I don’t remember, but on this day I remember sitting in biology class waiting as i listened to the clock tick as I wait to go to my favorite class P.E. …show more content…
Overwhelmingly I enter the front door of my house the first person I see is my mom, then everything just faded as I began to cry my mom hugged me and told me everything is going to be okay. After a few minutes I finally looked around at the people who are populating my house there had to be at least sixty people. There were multiple cops in and out of my house that evening giving us updates of what they know but it seemed as if none of them had a clue as of what was going on. At this time all I had known is that my brother had died in some type of car accident. There were so many people in my house it was hard to think or even breath all I wanted to do was cry and be by myself but their presence was overwhelming. It had seemed that everyone had cleared out after saying their condolences and all that remained was me, my mom, my dad, and my other 3 brothers. The smell of food was overpowering red velvet cake, fried chicken, and any other food you could imagine was left for our disposal. I just wanted the day to end do I finally took some medicine and fell …show more content…
My mind went blank I didn’t want too burry my brother on my sixteenth birthday but I knew I had to do what was easiest on my mom. Easy nothing is easy anymore, following the funeral returning to school was rough everywhere I turned someone was saying I’m sorry for your lost I wanted to get away from that I wanted for people to treat me as they did before. I just wanted everything to be normal but I knew that wasn’t possible everything would change the way I looked at life and the way I treated my brothers and sisters. I knew I would grow to become a better person from

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