The Day I Was Born Essay

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Luck is defined in our modern dictionaries as good or bad fortune. I’ve always had bad luck, the simplest things in my life always become the biggest headaches. Normal situations that occur in every individual’s life always tend to take me on a roll coaster. Maybe I was born under the wrong sign or something not only does my bad luck stick with me, it also has effects on people around me. The day I was born should have been the happiest day of my parents life but no it was more stress and miniscule happiness. My father remembers vividly the stormy night helping my struggling mother out the house into the car, not only was he worried about my mother’s well-being he had to deal with the treacherous weather conditions and an old car that was ready to go, both my parents were soaked due to the pouring rain the windows of the car fogged up on the way and vipers broke half way making my father’s tension reach new levels, but the stress didn’t end here my mother’s long hours in labor were a whole another story out of my four siblings I was the her most painful experience. Growing up and to this day I have always strived to help others and do the best for me, but everything I do seems to go wrong, countless times in school I would do the wrong homework or the homework I managed to actually complete would diminish in the most unnatural ways and talking about tests I would never get high grades, everything that I would study would just leave my mind on the day of the test or…

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