The Day I Was Born Essay

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February 16th 1998, 12:48 in the afternoon my mom always talks about that day with a laugh. What?s so significant about that day? Well that?s the day I was born. To this day my mom and I laugh about the crazy story she tells about me not being her kid. She always compares me to my older brother and how he came out extremely small, light skinned, and to top it all off, he had the most beautiful grey eyes anyone would ever see, and according to her I was the complete opposite, fat, dark brown and my eyes being the biggest and darkest you?d ever see. She claims the doctors cleaned me off and tried to hand me to her and she refused to hold me, because she was convinced they?d switched me. Of course she?s joking when she tells me this story, but it kind of explains the rest of my life I think. Quiet, always observing, and never asking for attention. That was the description that everyone gave me and as I grew older. I grew into what I was called.
If you knew the trouble my older brother caused my parents, you wouldn?t complain about never getting any attention. He asked for every second of the attention, taking it away from me, and since I was so reserved and into myself I figured I didn?t need it. I embraced this life with no affection. My mom says ?Kelsey you never caused a scene, never made a spectacle, you did as you were asked and stayed quiet, I never questioned it?. Back then she didn?t know on the inside all I wanted was to be loved as much as my siblings. I knew love of…

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