The Day I Ran Away Essay

830 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
This moment of silence allowed me to really think about the day I ran away and how this pivotal period time affected my entire life. Carole and I were peeling our usual large amounts of potatoes for dinner time. There are eight people in our family and that means we are peeling a lot of potatoes; and if by chance we had potatoes for more than dinner, soon one might get a little tired of shedding skins from said potato. This particular fine day I had had enough of this charade and said, “I’ve had enough of this!” Then, I slammed it hard towards a cabinet, causing it to smash with a loud thud and smear and slide down the face of the door and pound on the floor. Because it was so loud, it surprised me and caused me to gasp and then squeal with laughter. Carole thought that was funny too and followed suit, hitting a nearby stove. More laughter as soon potatoes were flying in the air and crashing into objects and then to the floor. All of the sudden a bear grumbling noise came from dad’s bedroom. That sound was a familiar one; it was the beginning of a volcano rumble, meaning that an eruption was evident. Trouble was brewing, and we were about to pay for having fun.
“We’ve got to clean this up fast before dad sees it!” Marie said rushing to pick up the shards left on the floor. Carole followed it with, “There’s no turning back now just hide what you can.” It was too late. Dad rushed in and barked, “What the hell is going on in here?” Carole and I stammered, but…

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