The Day Football Game Of The Year Against San Diego State University

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We are getting down to that crunch time of the semester where all of the class work becomes a little more important and the assignments start to become bigger and harder. The sport seasons are getting close to the end, so the sports teams are fighting for the number one spot and post season berths. During this time of the year there are a lot of situations that could call for the use of individual performance skills in athletics, school, personal, and social life. The performance situation that I picked to focus when writing this paper was the last home football game of the year against San Diego State University. This game had some extra pressures that went along with it. Not only was it possibly the last home game of the year, it was also my senior night. We played against a nationally ranked team and we were fighting for a spot in the conference championship. Saying that this game was a high pressure situation could be considered an understatement. The football team changed up our preparation somewhat for the game. We shifted the focus slightly over from being physical to more of mental preparation. Since there was a shift to a more mental preparation, I thought it was appropriate to pick imagery as my individual performance skill. The Association of Applied Sport Psychology defines imagery as, “Visualization or mental rehearsal. Imagery means using all of your senses (e.g., see, feel, hear, taste, smell) to rehearse your sport in your mind.”…

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