The Day Alex Left For College Essay

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Did you know that one in four Americans reported that they have massive amounts of stress (Neighmond)? There are many things that can affect stress levels in everyday American life. In “The Day Alex Left for College,” from the show Modern Family, one of the daughters, Alex, is leaving for college, the dad, Phil, is having trouble with work, and the rest of the family is having trouble avoiding a soccer game for their niece/granddaughter. The episode portrays the different elements of stress in families’ lives. There are many different aspects of life that add stress to a family, such as college, work, and family commitments. In the beginning of the episode, one of the characters, Alex, was preparing to leave for college. She was concerned about her family becoming stressed about her leaving, so she made the decision to not tell them until the day she was leaving. Later in the episode, Alex’s mother, Claire, preceded to call Alex multiple times to check in on her, adding to the amount of stress Alex was feeling (“The Day Alex Left for College”). There are many aspects of college that can add stress to students. Annie Bernier and colleagues, the authors of “Leaving home for college: A potentially stressful event for adolescents with preoccupied attachment patterns,” found that parents who had a higher level of education tended to be in contact with their children who are away at college more often compared to parents who did not. The character Claire seems to be very…

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